All notes on this site are now centralized and public

Hi all, thanks for your patience. I got a few messages after fixing my personal google drive’s sharing permissions, and realized that in that process I had broken some links. This issue lasted a couple of weeks and is fixed.

In the mean time I also found my geometry and statistic notes and posted about them.

All of the notes that I have will now be hosted directly in a google drive with an account dedicated specifically to just this project, so for as long as Google Drive exists, these embed links should remain stable.

The entire folder is now open for access, for people who wish to mass download my notes (seems to happen once in a while).

Real question: Should I share years of homework and midterms as examples? Would students find that useful?

LaTeX Public Templates

LaTeX templates are great for creating exact formatting for documents. These were all written by me, and collected here as a resource, to use or to build your own templates. I sincerely hope they are helpful to students as well as recent graduates looking for work.

Resume Template (2022): Published on Overleaf as official template.
Cover Letter Template (2022): Unlike most templates, this one uses sub-file structures and liberal use of custom functions to allow for form letter like creation of multiple cover letters in one sitting.