I’m currently a PhD student in Learning Sciences at University of Illinois at Chicago.

In Spring 2019, I finished my Master of Arts in Mathematics at San Francisco State University. In Spring of 2018, I was named a Sally Casanova Scholar for the 2018-19 academic year. In Fall of 2018, I applied to many PhD programs, and after serious consideration, I am excited to join UIC.

I’ve been doing math and loving it for my entire life so far. I began tutoring precalculus as a volunteer when I was a student at TAMS. After a long journey of soul-searching across four different states, I began working at Jamestown Community Center. Working at Jamestown helped solidify my passion for teaching. I decided to finish my undergrad at SFSU, and I completed my B.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in Teaching in the Spring semester of 2016.

I am really grateful to have the opportunity to teach math at SFSU as a graduate student. I learn a lot from my students.

In my spare time, I like to:

  • try to do math and education research,
  • curl up in the fetal position to cry about my midterms/finals,
  • look for quotes or make memes for┬áthe classes I teach,
  • do calligraphy at any opportunity,
  • learn programming tricks,
  • and pretend that I’m good at chess and video games.