Precalculus Resources: Spring 2017 Midterm II Review

I have gathered quizzes that relate directly to the upcoming midterm, as well as included a sample midterm. Please feel free to use these for practice! If you have trouble with the material, visit this page for additional resources. Don’t forget to grab a free version of wolfram alpha pro to help you if you’re enrolled at San Francisco State University!

Topics Covered:

  • 2.4: Polynomials
    • Vertex of a parabola
    • Determine the behavior of a polynomial near - \infty or \infty
  • 2.5: Rational Functions
    • Determine the behavior of rational functions near - \infty to \infty
    • Determine the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of a rational function
    • Determine the holes of a rational function, if they exist.
  • 3.1: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    • Their definitions as inverses
    • Practice using #23 – #32 in Precalculus – Prelude to Calculus, 3rd Ed. 
  • 3.2: Power Rule
    • Change of Base
  • 3.3: Product and Quotient Rule
    • Read p.249-p.252 for applications in scientific settings
  • 3.4: Exponential Growth
    • Compound Interest (n times per year)
  • 3.5: e and the Natural Logarithm
    • Understanding the definition of e will enhance your understanding of proofs later on. For now, we know it’s a real number that is approximately equal to 2.71, and it’s associated with Continuous growth!
  • 3.7: Exponential Growth Revisited
    • Read p.304-p.306 for an application of the approximation methods discussed in 3.6 used in financial estimations.
    • Focus on Continuous Compound Interest
  • 4.1: Unit Circle
  • 4.2: Radians
    • Make sure you can convert between degrees and radians.
  • 4.3: Sine and Cosine
    • Definition using unit Circle
    • Domain and Range of Sine & Cosine
    • If you want a challenge, try answering #45 from this section.

Quiz 5:

Review for 2.4 & 2.5

Khan Academy Videos:

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