Notes: Modern Algebra II

I took Modern Algebra II with Professor Matthias Beck in Spring 2016. These comprehensive notes were compiled using lecture notes and the textbook, David S. Dummit & Richard M. Foote, Abstract Algebra (3rd edition), Wiley 2004. [errata]

Please feel free to download and print these notes for your convenience.

Featured Image: Icosahedron and dodecahedron Duality
Credit: Images from Algebra: Abstract and Concrete by Frederick M. Goodman

Disclaimer: my notes are meant to be a toolbox while doing proofs and studying/practicing the course in general. There may contain typos or mistakes. Please feel free to let me know if you find any errors!

Topics Covered:

  • Review of basic properties of groups and rings and their quotient structures and homomorphisms,
  • group actions,
  • Sylow’s theorems,
  • principal ideal domains,
  • unique factorization,
  • Euclidean domains,
  • polynomial rings,
  • modules,
  • field extensions,
  • primitive roots,
  • finite fields.

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